Begin again

A brand new website and domain

BuchlaSome of you know it, I like to change. Just like starting a new patch on a synthesizer.
My website had been restyled often during the last six years, at least two times a year. The fact is I am never satisfied with my web skills and after a few months I feel that my website already looks old and dusty, but one of my most persistent complaints was the lack of ease of update and multimedia features that the web-life of today requires. I’m not an hardcore blogger, but I like to keep my listeners, users and friends updated as much as I can, so I slowly came to the idea of a WordPress based solution to enhance navigation, graphics, updating method and arrange more logically my contents.

Changing domain is another huge step, somehow risky.
During the last two years I’ve experienced a certain unease in using a domain name that less and less represent my artistic career. At the time of the birth of gleetchplug I was only thinking at having a web-space to let the people to download my softwares. The domain name was strange and hard to spell by phone (my name is no less, but at least is my name) and eventually it turned to be a potential problem from when my artistic career started to be more and more present in the website and in media. Finally it has my name. I know it’s long and forgettable, but this is what I am, and I’ve promised to myself not to use aliases again to look more international (a perverse but not entirely blameworthy attitude, Italians tend to hate being Italians, today).

So here we are, I must say that I love the way WordPress works, it’s easy and super fast, and finally gives me that kind of interactivity and ease I was looking for.
I’m not a Facebook fan, I have a small Fb page for the disco experience project which I use rarely for important updates, but honestly I feel unconfortable in Fb as well as g+ and other social media, so if you want to interact with me this site is the best way to do it and I will update it often.

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An important note about emails and the older domain:
Changing the domain meant changing email addresses. To contact me about my softwares please use softwares (at) giorgiosancristoforo [d0t] net from now on.
For booking or other general inquiries please use the form in the contacts page. Other than this, feel free to post comments and thoughts in the comments sections of the site, your feedback is of course appreciated and valuable. The old domain will remain online with a URL redirect for six to eight months.

Thank you for being here, I hope you will enjoy the change and the new adventure.