Berna 2 Out NOW

Finally Berna 2 is out today!

I am very sorry for the long time it took to the release, I hope you will understand that 2013 was annus horribilis for me.
Not only I have lost a lot of my work in a bad hardware failure, but since my mother passed away on July 1, I have gone through a long dark time. Finally I am recovering, and working harder and better at my music and softwares.

As some of you knows I’m working at Gleetchlab 4. It will take some time to get to the new version, I’m experimenting new ideas and as usual the new version will be different from the previous release, so stay tuned and keep visiting the site!

Now before installing Berna 2 I must remember you that Apple has tightened control over 3rd party softwares in OSX Mavericks.
Fortunately there is a way to install any software (at least for now), with this simple procedure.

Open system preferences > Security and Privacy
and select ANYWHERE in  “Allow application downloaded from”














Now beside this, please understand that Berna 2.0.1 requires a good deal of graphics memory, especially when you use all the 4 tape players. The software isn’t perfect and eventual bugs will be fixed as they will be reported.
This it is a great step forward since Berna 1 and I hope that many scholars, teachers and composers will appreciate this work.

As usual it will take 24 to 48 hours to get the serial number once you have payed with paypal. So please be patient.
If it takes more, drop me a mail with your paypal invoice, mail servers sometimes fail…

Thank you for your appreciation, patience and support.



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