Vis-à-Vis performance @ Maker Faire Rome





What happens in our mind when it comes to human relations?
What happens inside us, what do we feel?


Read a great review on WIRED Uk here:

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“The music does in fact sound like someone experiencing severe mood swings. It’s a kind of experimental jazz, with trumpets bursting in short, sharp bursts followed swiftly by a dull boom of a trombone then the tinkering of a snaredrum. All this Sancristoforo is getting off of one reading while he sits opposite the Faire’s presenter; he is eyeballing him till the discomfort in his subject becomes clear for all in the auditorium to see. “I’m looking at you and we will hear what emotions come to me from you,” says Sancristoforo, just in case his subject was unaware of just how awkward the situation was about to get.”

Liat Clark / WIRED – Uk
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Production: AGON 2013
Music and programming: Giorgio Sancristoforo
Sound direction: Massimo Marchi

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