Ra/EM 1 EP

Ra/Em vol 1 by Giorgio Sancristoforo Part 1 Radioactivity measurements with a Geiger Counter drive a polyphonic modal/additive synthesizer processed with reverb. 1) Background / Cosmic Radiation 2) Beta Decay of Thorium Part 2 Electromagnetic fields (natural and artificial) captured by a diy crystal radio with two spider web coils, are processed with harmoniser and […]

Ideale: score for electronic and acoustical instruments

At this URL you can download my score “Ideale” for electronic and acoustical instruments. You are all invited to send me recorded performances of this piece :)       Tweet

Responsorio Meccanico by Massimiliano Viel

                        Very happy to announce that the Reihe Laptop Ensemble will perform with Ensemble Sinestesia of GMI a piece by Massimilano Viel at the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan on Sunday June 11th: The Responsorio Meccanico, for seven computers, seven brass and soprano […]

Ten computers for the stars: the Reihe Laptop Ensemble

I’m glad to announce that the Reihe Laptop Ensemble will perform on December 3rd, 2016, at Teatro Arsenale of Milan, at the Contemporary Music Hub day. The piece is part of my research at AGON on modal synthesis which I have presented with M° Michele Tadini at the Prisma Meeting in Paris ( @IRCAM ) on July 2016 in collaboration with the students of […]

Triple Axis Modal Synthesis

Presentation by Giorgio Sancristoforo and Michele Tadini July 12th 10.00 AM IRCAM Centre Pompidou @ Prisma Meeting With the contribution of the Reihe Laptop Ensemble musicians and SAE Institute Italy: Marcello Sodano Luca Pagan Marco Neridetti Eric Guizzo Pietro Scialanga   New Computer Music Resources I by Giorgio Sancristoforo Downloadable Aiff file + 10 pages pdf booklet from the band camp site […]

Tableau Generative Album

  There is no doubt that, as music is removed by the phonograph record from the realm of live production and from the imperative of artistic activity and becomes petrified, it absorbs into itself, in this process of petrification, the very life that would otherwise vanish. Theodore Adorno “The form of the Phonograph Record” I’ve […]

Performance: Music for Maya Deren

Music for Maya Deren Mercoledì 30 Settembre 2015 @ Tempo Reale Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, Firenze Performance video-musicale AGON, 2011 progetto, musica, computer live electronics Giorgio Sancristoforo regia del suono Massimo Marchi Influenzati dal surrealismo e dalla danza, i film di Maya Deren invitano a cogliere “l’altra realtà”, lo spazio psichico, gli ambienti nascosti della […]


  The Arcane Pillar is an hermetic musical instrument based on Neural Networks and Western Esotericism. To make the software work, one must answer a number of enigmas, record or collect sounds of fire, water, air and earth, and finally balance them with the aid of different processes designed for each grade. No user manual is given, but […]

L’età d’oro di Milano XV sec. – The Golden Age of Milan XV cent.

Installation May 21st – June 28th Palazzo Reale – Milano Opera urbana per musica e immagini di AGON e CASTAGNARAVELLI Comune di Milano, Palazzo Reale con il contributo di SNAM nell’ambito ExpoinCittà media partner Interni – produzione AGON, 2015 da un’idea di CASTAGNARAVELLI, Massimo Marchi regia video Paolo Castagna ideazione musicale e sound design Roberto Andreoni Pietro Pirelli Antonello Raggi Giorgio Sancristoforo   voce Maria Elena Romanazzi strumenti a fiato Mario […]

Hommage à Le Corbu

In this work music is used as virtual architecture or “sound-arch”. “Transparent” walls of musical timbres are created and projected into space with the aid of six loudspeakers positioned using the Modulor rule. The Modulor is applied to every musical parameter as a perfect serial composition. The Modulor rules both the microcosm (the timbre) and the […]