Audioscan, the sound of the city

By Giorgio Sancristoforo
Edited by di Vittoria Broggini

postmedia 2010
128 pp. 
39 illustrations bn + audio CD
italian and english

isbn 9788874900503

Audioscan is a multimedia interactive installation and a live performance combining music and video including 1.580 recordings and phonometric surveys gathered within the perimeter contained in the main ring road of Milano. Both are based on the sound mapping of Milano. Audioscan puts itself up as a chance to reflect on the features of the sound surrounding us and the spaces we act in. A process of meeting and exchange between contemporary art, music and environmental themes, a meditation on soundscape and the auditive dimension of human experience, both on an aesthetic and a social perspective. An ambitious cataloguing work and an awakening project through the transformation of a waste product of technological society – noise – into an artwork.




Lets consider a city Milano and try to listen to it, in its wholeness. Millions of vehicles and machines stirring chaotically, punctuating the rhythm of our affairs on Earth. We deem this ocean of unwelcome sounds mostly as noise. This soundscape eludes our control: we barely rectify it, yet we cant give it up, since its embodied in the truck carrying our food, in the tram taking us to work, in the construction site building our houses. Its the sound of contemporaneity.

Sounds can be sculpted. We can use noise as raw material to start with. Noise is at the same time no sound and all the possible sounds. Just as white light contains all the colours, noise contains countless sounds.
Therefore, instead of using musical instruments we have ground and crumbled noise in very fine components, building from these elements orchestras made up of roads and airplanes, people and
cars. We have created music from a scrap of our society.
Everything is transformed. Nothing resembles anymore its former essence. Airplanes become microscopic percussions, cars are turned into metallic pianos, hollow murmurs and waterish illusions. Braking and tailpipes screeches become tides of the thinnest strings.

Concept and art direction
Giorgio Sancristoforo

Giorgio Sancristoforo e Giuseppe Cordaro



Danilo Cardillo

Tech consultant
Massimo Marchi

Field recording
Diego Del Sarto
Alessandro Roggero
Luca DAloia
Eliana Varlaro
Dario Persi
Daniele Filaretti

Software & sound design
Giorgio Sancristoforo

Assistant sound designers
Diego Del Sarto
Alessandro Roggero

Touchscreen software
Daniele Pagliero


Production assistants
Cecilia Vanoletti
Walter DAversa

Thanks to
Dalila Sena
Pietro Pirelli
Vittoria Broggini
Silvia Sartorio
Len Sasso
Simone Tosoni
Marco Fringuellino
Massimo Gardella
Olindo Genovese




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ISBN: 9788876380730

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