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Gleetchlab 4

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Gleetchlab 4 is currently under development.

After a massive amount of requests by many artists and friends I’ve finally decided to give a GO for V.4. The software will have a great number of new and exciting features, a glimpse  is presented in this first video. The new loopers can work with any kind of audio file, from Wav to Aiff to Mp3 and it will export 24bit Aiff files. Just drag and drop a file inside the looper and it will start playing. Each looper now can perform different algorithms of time stretching, some of which are pretty interesting when pushed to extreme values.
Loops ins-outs automations can be recorded and played back and an intelligent algorithm is implemented to control random in-out works.

Gleetchlab 4 will be available in 2016 only and exclusively with my LP.
expect the best version ever of Gleetchlab :)
Stay tuned!


John Cage 100s

Milan celebrates the american composer

Setp. 5th 2012, happy birthday Mr Cage!

Yesterday the prestigious Triennale Design Museum of Milan hosted us for a whole John Cage day and evening of lectures and performances (see previous post). A massive crowd attended
My contribute was an interpretation of Variations VI (1966)

Many thanks to

Sandro Mussida
Elio Marchesini
Alessandra Novaga
HurlaJanus Ensemble
Inkyung Hwang
Christian Schmitz
Luca Rullo
Lorenzo Villa
Triennale staff and everybody who attended (especially my students)