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Tableau Generative Album

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There is no doubt that, as music is removed by the phonograph
record from the realm of live production and from the imperative of
artistic activity and becomes petrified, it absorbs into itself, in this process of petrification, the very life that would otherwise vanish.

Theodore Adorno “The form of the Phonograph Record”

I’ve been dreaming a lot of portable micro computers to create a generative music album. Now this is finally a reality here is my first PGLP (Portable Generative LP) called “Tableau” and it will be soon released.

Tableau will be available in two options:

1) Limited edition of 50 PGLP + Gleetchlab software
2) CD + Gleetchlab software

Please note: Gleetchlab as usual runs only on Apple Macs and it’s not intended for the PGLP.

Generative endless music player
Tableau plays on a standalone generative player, it is a portable sound installation.
The music, instead of being “reproduced” like a CD, a vinyl or an Mp3, it is generated and arranged while you are listening to it. It never sounds the same.
Tableau creates an almost endless number of mixes of the LP (4 x 12! factorial). Each time you will listen, it will be different, and will keep evolving evolving until you will plug the power off.

It reacts to the environment
The music of Tableau reacts to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, space and magnetic field.

No need for screen, keyboards, mouse etc…
To listen to Tableau just plug the power supply and your speakers with a mini-jack cable, Tableau will boot and play the LP. You can also use a standard 2A, 5V battery pack for mobile phones so you can carry Tableau with you anytime, anywhere.

New albums will require just a micro SD card
New albums will be available in the future.
A PGLP owner will need just to order the micro SD to get the new album/installation. Updates with new features will be available too and for free.

It’s a Raspberry Pi2!
If you love to code, you can use your own micro SD card and run Raspbian OS (downloadable for free from the Raspberry website) to make anything you want with it. Connect a keyboard, a HDMI monitor and a mouse and you have a fully functional Linux computer with 1Ghz quadri-processor, 1Gb Ram and as much disk space as it is your SD card. And since the PGLP includes the Astro-Pi Sense Hat (now on the ISS space station!), you get a wonderful 8×8 led matrix and a load of sensors to work with :)