Giorgio Sancristoforo is an artist and sound designer who was born in Milan in 1974.
Since 2006, he has developed software for educational and experimental music purposes, which has been utilized by artists and educators in over 40 countries worldwide. 
Notable individuals and institutions who have utilized his software include Curtis Roads, Ben Frost, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Richie Hawtin, Robert Lippok, Stanford’s CCRMA, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, TUFTS University, San Diego City College, and the Centro National de las Artes of Mexico City.
His work in experimental music research has garnered the respect and admiration of numerous composers, musicians, and professors in the academic field. In 2010, he became a member of the AGON Contemporary Music Centre, founded by M°Luca Francesconi and M° Pietro Pirelli. Additionally, since 2015, he has been a member of the Prisma International Composers’ Group.
Through his music research, he has developed two novel sound synthesis techniques: TAMS Tri-Axis Modal Synthesis and Tropical Additive Synthesis. 
The former is the first computer music technique to employ non-standard mathematics, specifically Tropical Algebra, which was developed in collaboration 
with Prof. Cristiano Bocci, an Italian mathematician from the Department of Mathematics at Siena University.
Giorgio’s artistic practice primarily revolves around the intersection of science and art, with a specialization in multimedia installations, soundscape composition, algorithmic music, and radioactive imaging.
He has a particular interest in genomics and particle physics.
Moreover, Giorgio serves as an Expert Artist for the European Commission, further showcasing his expertise and contributions to the field.